Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

25 Random Things

If you got one of the 2009 Official U.S. WNT Yearbooks at one of the two recent domestic matches, you saw that as part of the FactBook theme, each player listed a bunch of Random Things About Me. We only had space for 10-12 in the book, but each player did at least 25. To read the rest, you can go to's Center Circle (updated link). There are more than a few amusing ones, including this one from Lori Chalupny (left):

24) I wish I could grow just a little bit so I could be listed (on the rosters) at 5-5 instead of 5-4.

Buy the 2009 WNT Factbook now at

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Abby Wambach - 100 Goals Tribute

To commemorate Abby Wambach's historic 100th career goal, the talented folks at's all_access video put together this Abby goals compilation, including her 1ooth, scored on July 19 in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., in the 1-0 victory over Canada. The video, minus the 100th goal (we're not that quick) was played in the stadium moments after the end of the match. So from all of us at U.S. Soccer, well done Abby!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Add Nairn

Upon further research by statistics guru extraordinaire Peter Hirdt of Elias Sports Bureau, we have discovered that Christine Nairn is the 9th youngest player ever to score a goal for the full U.S. Women's National Team. Kristine Lilly was the youngest at 16 years, 22 days, a record that will likely never be broken (one of many seeingingly unbreakable records by Lilly!).

Kristine Lilly

16 years, 22 days
08/13/1987 vs. China (1-1 T)

Tiffany Roberts
16 years, 340 days
04/10/1994 vs. T&T (3-1 W)

Jenn Grubb
17 years, 182 days
01/18/1996 vs. Ukraine (6-0 W)

Veronica Zepeda
17 years, 210 days
01/07/2000 vs. Czech Republic (8-1 W)

Cindy Parlow
17 years, 251 days
01/14/1996 vs. Russia (8-1 W)

Heather O'Reilly
17 years, 277 days
10/06/2002 vs. Italy (4-0 W)

Mia Hamm
18 years, 130 days
07/25/1990 vs. Norway (4-0 W)

Aly Wagner
18 years, 262 days
04/29/1999 vs. Japan (9-0 W)

Christine Nairn
18 years, 300 days
07/22/2009 vs. Canada (1-0 W)

Christie Welsh
18 years, 314 days
01/07/2000 vs. Czech Republic (8-1 W)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Kid!

How's this for an amazing scenario: The USA will play a two-game series against Canada, and in the first match a player will score her 100th career goal and in the second a player will score her first? And the two players who were a part of that 100th goal, will also play a part in the first goal. And both goals will come late in games and be game-winners? Pretty amazing story, huh? And it's true! After Abby Wambach dramatically won the USA-Canada match on July 19 in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., with a 79th minute goal assisted by Lauren Cheney, 18-year-old Christine Nairn scored her first-ever goal for the senior WNT tonight in the 89th minute to defeat Canada again by a 1-0 score. The goal came after head flicks from Wambach and Cheney. Nairn now becomes one of the rare players to score a goal for the full National Team before ever playing a college game (Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly and Heather O'Reilly being a few more that we can think of off hand). Nairn, a veteran of the U.S. team that won the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in Chile will likely be a key member of the U.S. squad that will attempt to qualify for the 2010 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in Germany. She will play her freshman season at Penn State in the fall. So congrats to Christine and to the rest of the team for pulling out two dramatic wins over a tough Canadian side. The WNT Blog now takes another break, although we might be back for a post or two here and there, until the U.S. team gets back together in late September for a training camp. For now, it's back to their WPS teams and the quest for a playoff spot. As always thanks for following the WNT Blog. Your patronage is appreciated. Blog out from Charleston, S.C.

Starting XI

Here's today's lineup from head coach Pia Sundhage:


Rapinoe-----Boxx (c)-----Lloyd-----O'Reilly


Hope Solo

Canada's coming soon...check out

Loooong Day

With an 8 p.m. ET kickoff tonight (Live on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports en Espanol), the U.S. players have about 10 hours to kill before leaving for the match. That's a long time to wait for a soccer player anxious to play a game. What do the U.S. players do all day? Not surprisingly, most just chill. A few of the players not starting tonight went for a light training in the morning. A few went for a walk in historic downtown Charleston. Megan Rapinoe says she "sits on my bed all day and wait for the next thing to come," which means the next meal or meeting. Yeah, the players eat and snack a lot during the day as well. Abby Wambach reads, a lot. The U.S. striker is a voracious reader. Amy LePeilbet is spending the afternoon reading and watching TV, but she'll have to make due with CNN, ESPN and Amanda Bynes' "Sydney White," a modern retelling of Snow White set against students in their freshman year of college in the Greek system. There's not much on daytime TV in Charleston. Stanford grad and potential future medical school student Rachel Buehler says, "I used to study all day, but now I just read." Hopefully, not medical textbooks. Suffice it to say, when the U.S. team boards the bus today for the match, they will be raring to go.

P.S.: The other day when we posted that a little known fact that Tobin Heath won the Outer Banks Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo in 2006 by catching a 88-pound Carolina Cobia. Ummm...we were joking. Not only does that fishing contest not exist, Tobin has never been in a rodeo of any sort and we have no idea what a Carolina Cobia looks like or how much a big one weighs. The WNT Blog apologizes for this moment of flippancy.