Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day in El Paso

The U.S. team got an early start on today, hitting the road at 9:30 a.m. for the short drive over the border to El Paso, Texas. The kind folks at the USL's El Paso Patriots were nice enough to let the team train on their field. It was a beautiful, if very dry (in case you didn't know, this part of the country is quite dry) morning in El Paso and the team had an excellent day-before-game training. Then it was off to State Line BBQ for a scrumptious lunch (they know their BBQ in Texas, and special thanks for the folks at State Line), where the U.S. team got to watch the end of the amazing Arsenal-Liverpool Champions League match. They also signed some autographs for more than a few fans and bought some State Line t-shirts (a few of which had the slogan: "Eat Here, Diet at Home.") The team then boarded the bus (with very full stomachs) and headed back on the short drive to Mexico. Also, this just in: Abby likes ribs.


flowers said...

Today was the best day ever!!! ditching school was so worth getting to meet the team! im still flipping out about it and I've frammed the shirt they signed and its already on my wall! Thanks for an awesome day! the team made my life! I can die happy now. lol

Zar000000 said...

...know what would be funny, well not for Abby, but if a lot of WNT fans started using this pic as there profile pic on myspace ;> I bet there'd be a lot of hooting on the team over that,