Monday, February 2, 2009

Angela Answers

Thanks again for the questions for Angela Hucles. She took some time out of her busy training camp schedule to answer a few...

Faye asked: Where is your favorite place to go or do when you have a chance to go back home to Virginia Beach , aka the 757?

Angela Hucles: “Hmmm...good question. Normally when I get back to Virginia Beach it's only for a quick visit or during the holidays. Because I don't get back as often as I'd like, I tend to spend most of the time with my family and friends in the area, and sometimes visit my high school and see my old teachers and coaches. I also like that my parents live close to the beach even though I don't take advantage of it as much as I should.”

Emily asked: In your career when did you actually realize that you had the potential to be on the Olympic Team, and when you realized this what did you do to get there?
AH: “Thanks for your question Emily. I feel very fortunate for the career I've had in soccer and how things have progressed. I told my parents and a news reporter when I was 12 that I wanted to be in a World Cup and Olympics, but the irony is I didn't know what it really took until I was with the national team and saw how high the level of play was. Up until that point I had worked hard and had much success, but whatever I thought before, I knew it would take at least twice as much work and dedication to continue on to the path of making the goal I set as a 12 year old a reality.”

fyasko7 asked: I just wanted to know what you're state of mind was before you were starting on the Olympic Team and if that changed after the Olympics? I know it’s important to be a team player and play the roles but did you ever feel frustrated by not being out on the pitch?

AH: “There are different mentalities that players possess depending on whether they are about to start a game versus coming off the bench. I guess for me, throughout the year, I never felt like it was out of the realm of possibility for me to start on the Olympic Team and I held on to that until it happened. So in essence I was preparing myself for that to happen. I think I also was in a mind set of not being frustrated just because I wasn't starting or playing and that helped me focus on just playing the best I could and trust in the coaching staff to use my abilities how they saw fit to best help the team. Over the years I've learned it's just a waste of energy to get frustrated over things I have no control over, so put the energy into things I can control.”

Smitty asked: How often have you had to, for the good of the team, play in a position that you felt was not your natural position, and how have you handled that situation?

AH: “I've played on every line now for the national team, with the exception of one, goalkeeper, and I'm not expecting to be called to play there at any time soon ;) However, playing different positions can give me a different perspective on how to play my "normal" position more effectively. I guess the way I handle it is one of a challenge and a way to make me a more complete soccer player.”

just miri asked: I always admired you for going to South Africa. I have been on several mission trips to Russia to the same orphanage. Actually, the organization I go with now travels and help Swaziland ! You are such an amazing person, soccer-wise and your humanitarian actions. What made you choose to go on that trip last year?

AH: “How wonderful that you are able to take trips to these orphanages! I jumped at the opportunity to go to South Africa and use soccer, a sport that's given me so much, to try and help other people. I decided to go on the trip to help support my friend who started the non-profit, TRIAD Trust, and also to expand the areas that I reach out to. I've always enjoyed traveling and thought it would be a great experience to go to Africa, a place I've never been to before. It was a great decision!”

Marjory asked: You have definitely scored plenty of important goals across all friendlies, games and tournaments! My question to you is...which was the most important goal amongst all for you and why?

AH: “Thanks Marjory. That's a tough question for me because being able to score a goal at this level for me is very special and I treasure the goals I've been able to score on the national team. However, if I choose one I would say the first goal I scored in this past Olympics in our second against Japan during the semifinal. It tied the game and we went on to win 4-2. It was a good boost to get us on the right track!”

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