Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bye, Bye Blog

The team gets on an airplane back to the States tomorrow morning so this is the final entry in the WNT Blog for the 2007 WWC. Amazingly, we don’t have carpel tunnel syndrome, or ever seemed to run out of stuff to talk about (well, almost), but such is the character and characters of the U.S. Women’s National Team. We’ve been at this Blog thing since Aug. 18, that’s 45 days of almost daily Blog (we might have missed a day somewhere in there). That’s thousands of words, dozens of anecdotes, and hopefully, non-stop “infotainment” for the fans of the WNT. Thanks to all those out there who posted comments. We really do appreciate you visiting, reading the blog, and most of all, supporting the WNT through the tough times and the great times. We’re not exactly sure when the WNT Blog will be back, but next year will feature the 2008 Olympics, the 2008 FIFA U-17 and U-20 Women’s World Cups, and qualifying for each tournament, so it will be a busy year for the WNT programs. So for now, thanks and Blog you later.

Bronze It Is

What a wonderful performance by the team tonight, perhaps the best of the tournament. The team didn’t accomplish its ultimate goal of winning the Women’s World Cup, but it battled through some difficult times, and in the end, came together on the field with an inspiring performance against Norway, one that should make the fans and their country proud. The players on this team are a truly special group, and although they need some much-deserved rest, no doubt they will be back on the field soon training and working to be the best. In fact, the USA has three games in October, all against Mexico, to finish the year, and for all the fans planning on coming, or who already have tickets, see you in St. Louis, Portland and Albuquerque. (Tix available on

Eye on Beijing

It’s now about 10 months until the Olympics, and another chance for gold. The USA has to qualify for Beijing sometime next year, but with all the young players who cut their teeth in this World Cup, gaining invaluable world championship experience, the team can only get better and stronger for the run to the Olympics.

Thanks, China

In the end, hats off to China for putting on an excellent Women’s World Cup. The stadiums were packed, and everyone from the local organizers, to the volunteers, security, hotel staff, transportation, etc., went out of their way to make sure that the U.S. team was well taken care of. We don’t know all of your names, nor could we pronounce most of your names, but a huge thanks to everyone who made our 34 days in China a memorable experience. Xie Xie to all.