Wednesday, July 29, 2009

25 Random Things

If you got one of the 2009 Official U.S. WNT Yearbooks at one of the two recent domestic matches, you saw that as part of the FactBook theme, each player listed a bunch of Random Things About Me. We only had space for 10-12 in the book, but each player did at least 25. To read the rest, you can go to's Center Circle (updated link). There are more than a few amusing ones, including this one from Lori Chalupny (left):

24) I wish I could grow just a little bit so I could be listed (on the rosters) at 5-5 instead of 5-4.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Abby Wambach - 100 Goals Tribute

To commemorate Abby Wambach's historic 100th career goal, the talented folks at's all_access video put together this Abby goals compilation, including her 1ooth, scored on July 19 in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., in the 1-0 victory over Canada. The video, minus the 100th goal (we're not that quick) was played in the stadium moments after the end of the match. So from all of us at U.S. Soccer, well done Abby!