Saturday, August 18, 2007


We checked back in with Marci Jobson about the car that hit her plane in Chicago. Apparently, the aircraft had not yet pulled away from the gate and it was not a car, but likely one of those luggage cart things. (See how rumors get started?) Jobson swears she heard the pilot say that part of the wing was "mangled" but she was sitting on the other side of the plane and never felt a jolt of any sort nor did she ever actually see the damage. She also still can't figure out how a vehicle would be tall enough to ding a wing. Anyway, the silver lining is that it only took an hour to get everyone off the plane, onto a new one and in the air, and Jobson was able to make it to Los Angeles, and to training, just in time. It was a very light training anyhow with some spirited 5 v. 2 keep-away and some small-sided games.

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