Monday, February 4, 2008

Guest Blogger: HAO

Heather O’Reilly decided to hang out at The Home Depot Center today between morning and afternoon trainings and use those few hours to take care of a bunch those little “life-maintenance” tasks that definitely build up when you are training, traveling and playing soccer all the time. She was basically just hanging out in the U.S. Soccer offices, so we asked her to pen guest blog. She did have a lot to do before the next training, but she took a few minutes to share these thoughts with us:

The “veteran” group had an early weight session today at The Home Depot Center today. Because there were many MLS teams and other athletes training at the site this morning, we lifted weights in the Velodrome, which is where the track cyclists train. We had a hard time focusing with the bikes whizzing by and seriously we were wondering, “how do they not hit each other?” But the cyclists, like our team, got a good workout in the end. After our weight sessions, we got lunch at Panera and brought it back to The Home Depot Center to watch the young players scrimmage and now we are resting up for session number two of the day. I hope we get a rematch in our 4v4 battle from yesterday. It was the youngsters consisting of myself, Leslie, Tarp and Chalupa against Abby, Carli, Ang and Pearcie. We were up, but ended up losing by one goal. I need some redemption.

With that, Heather headed down to the locker room to gear up.


aly10fan said...

First off, the WNT blog is absolutely the best, especially since it's almost everyday. I was just wondering when we're gonna get some pics or vids or something from the women's side? I mean, I love the guys' team, but I'm in WNT withdrawal. Please help! And keep up the great blogging.

AbbyForPresident said...

I agree the blog is great, but I really would love to see some photos and videos too!!!!

Impedient said...

Good to hear that Mitts is back kicking soccer :) and great to have Hao as guest blogger on this post! Haha!

Ahmed Bilal said...


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I hope that you will blog about it and get your readers to vote for you. Do see the other categories as well since there are several top-notch blogs listed there.