Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scary Moment

There was a gruesome collision in today’s training as defender Rachel Buehler and Leslie Osborne cracked heads going for a bouncing ball. Both players went down in a heap and there was nary a breath breathed or an eye blinked for a few moments as the trainers rushed out to both players. Amazingly there was no blood spilled by either player, but Osborne definitely got the worst of it in the form of a huge knot on the right side of her head. Truth be told, the massive bump sort of freaked out her teammates before the trainers quickly applied an ice bag to her noggin. Those who know the hard-nosed Buehler’s game would not be surprised to hear that due to her extremely hard head (we think that’s the reason, although we are not doctors), she got up after a few minutes and returned to practice with barely a bump. Osborne was taken for an X-ray, but we are happy to report that Leslie (who apparently also has a very hard head) is fine and was eating dinner (with a compression bandage on her head) next to Buehler at the hotel after training. Buehler, being about the sweetest kid you could ever meet (when she is not knocking you down in a game), apologized profusely to Osborne on the field, but the 2007 Women’s World Cup veteran, who has been known to lay down a few mean tackles herself, told her no worries.

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Pete said...

Way to hang tough ladies. It was a great day at the HDC. Cool and overcast for the most part but great soccer weather. It has to be said, this may be shaping up to be one of the best US WNT sides ever. All looks great for 2008