Saturday, March 22, 2008

You Don't Walk This Yo-Yo

Today is the first full day of training camp, and often that means it's time for the infamous Yo-Yo fitness test. It is a bit more complicated than this explanation, but for for the layman: it's when the players basically run back and forth between two lines until they pretty much collapse. Today the team did the test in three groups in some of the hottest temperatures anyone can remember for the Yo-Yo. It was in the low 80s, and on the artificial turf at The HDC, probably much hotter than that. The team, as always, busted through it and most players achieved their goals. As always the players were there rooting each other on and helping them make, sometimes running along side their teammates to urge and pull them along. On a related note, we found out that one time when Abby Wambach was in college at the University of Florida, the team was doing a fitness drill that involved backpedaling part of the way. Every player needed to finish across the line in the prescribed time, or the entire team would have to run again. Apparently, one player just couldn't get the back-peddle down, so Wambach literally picked her up, threw her over her shoulder and carried her across the line. That didn't happen today, but almost. There is another training this afternoon where the players will get to kick soccer balls and then tomorrow morning is off for Easter. So, Happy Easter everyone!


Sheryl said...

Happy Easter everyone!

Bought plane tickets to Juarez, anyone know where to get tickets for matches?

Can't wait to see WNT!

Pete said...


Ticketmaster should have them up. Follow link from Tix for the 4/27 game against AUS are avail in NC? Not sure why Juarez is not. Check with US Soccer in Chicago. Let us know if & when you get them...


PsybrDoc said...

I am looking for tickets for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Mexico. Ticketmaster has domestic tickets.

Any other ideas on where to find tix for Mexico?