Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks Juarez...

One more thing...We would be remiss if we didn't thank the kind people of Juarez who made our stay very warm and comfortable. This city has gotten some very bad press in the past, and deserved or not, the U.S. team always felt very safe and welcome in this border city just below El Paso. Our Mexico hosts were fantastic, the security tight but not overbearing, the tournament was well-organized and of course the fan support was phenomenal, even though most of the time they were cheering against us. Still, after the penalty kick shootout last night, chants of USA! USA! USA! rose from the fans in appreciation of an exciting game and a great performance. When would you think that would happen in Mexico? "We won them over," said a smiling Heather O'Reilly after the game. I think for all the people we met on this trip, that would be an accurate statement. So, thanks Juarez...We say adios, muchas gracias, and Nihao.


micarissa said...

Dear Abby Wambach,
My name is Marissa Rocha and i am the little girl who you gave your jersey to yesterday in Juares. You all had great game yesterday. I am on a soccer team called the Eagles. i will take good care of your jersey and treasure that moment forever. you inspire me, and i want to be a great player like you when i grow up. i just wanted to say thanks for everything. you really made that day special for me. :)
Marissa Rocha

Micaela said...

Dear U.S. WNT,
A shout out from El Paso. I would like to thank the U.S. WNT for your wonderful performance on Saturday. It was such an intense game I couldn't stay seated. My sister and I would like to thank Abby Wambach for her jersey and and those that signed my jersey. This team inspires me so much that I would like to make my way to this level.

Micaela Rocha

ardilleiro said...

I Would like to thank all of u, for your attentions and all the kindness. You really deserved that tittle, because you show a lot of discipline, courage, skills and heart.
I´m from Juarez and i assisted to every single match, it was a great tournament and a great experience for all of us (even if México has not qualified). Because in Juarez we are very nice people and we are tired of all the situation we are getting through.
Hope you reach the gold medal in beijing (´cause i´m sure you will),
and god bless you all girl.
By the way, does Amy received the flowers i send to her?
Thanks a lot!!!. Let´s go Us!!!

ardilleiro said...

Hello U.S. WNT:
First of all, i want to congratulate you guys, you´re such a great team and very kind persons. You really deserved the championship, ´cause you show a lot of courage, skills, discipline and heart. The crowd of Juarez are very greatful with u girls, not only for the performance, but for your simplicity.
I hope you reach the gold medal in Beijing (i´m sure you will), and i promise i won´t miss any of your games.
By the way, can somebody let me know in Amy received the flowers i sent to her?

God bless you all!!!, and Let´s go U.S.!!!!!!!!!