Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hau`oli Lā Hānau Tash!

Today is the (gulp) 25th birthday of forward Natasha Kai. Yeah, she's halfway to 50, but if there was ever a person young at heart, it's Natasha Kai. To celebrate her B-day, and the May birthdays of Kristin Luckenbill, Leslie Osborne and Tobin Heath, the team is going to team captain Christie Rampone's house tonight for a home cooked dinner. With tomorrow off from training, the team can relax and stuff themselves before enjoying some great California weather on Friday. What? It's supposed to rain on Friday? Well, that would put a damper on things, but after several days of hard training, a day of rest will be good, whether its spent in a movie theatre, at an indoor mall or just relaxing in your hotel room. For now, Hau`oli Lā Hānau to Natasha Kai (Hawaiian for Happy Birthday) and the team will hit the field again on Saturday.


Yana said...

i think you still have a few years in ya! lol and happy birthday to all other may babies on the team!!!!

Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...


Mike said...

Hi Natasha! Happy Birthday. Your my favorite player along with Abby Wambach.
Your team is just so amazing to watch. Amazing talent. I wish they showed all the games on TV.

wntfanatic14 said...

Happy bday Tasha! youre the sickest player ive ever seen play and I'm sure I'll be seeing you play in 10 years!