Saturday, June 28, 2008


The U.S. team had a very short training at 6 p.m. on Saturday after arriving in Norway, just to get a sweat on and the legs moving. It lasted about 45 minutes. Just some passing patterns, some finishing and some 5 v. 2. It cannot be underestimated how big a difference it makes to get in some light running on the day of a transatlantic jaunt. The training field was at a small club set in the middle of a very cozy neighborhood just 10 minutes from the hotel (It seems everything is close to everything in Fredrikstad). The field was covered in feathers for some reason (we're not sure what kind...too white for pigeon, too small for seagull) and evoked images of a venue in which the U.S. U-23 WNT might play a Nordic Cup match, which is a pretty obscure reference, so sorry for that. To prove the U.S. team is in Fredrikstad, see Lindsay Tarpley above, giving some free advertising to Bil & Bat (we have no idea what that is but hope Lars Jorgensen gets a bump in his business from the WNT Blog).


ellhol said...

Bil & båt means car and boat :)

nikita said...

Bil & Båt means Car & Boat