Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Day at Paul Brown Stadium

As usual, the team held their stadium training today at Paul Brown Stadium - home of the Cincinnati Bengals and tomorrow night, home of the USA. Even though it was a day off for the other football team in town, several players came out to see the players go through a good training session... and to heckle Bengals kicker Shayne Graham, who had challenged the girls to a field goal contest.

First though, he had to make some penalty kicks against Nicole Barnhart and Bri Scurry... let's just say he's a hustler. With shots sailing into the upper 90 and into the side netting, it was clear that these were not Shayne's first PKs.

The competitive spirit of the U.S. women kicked in then as they were ready to put up a fight in the field goal contest. Mitts, Chalupny and HAO all impressed the crowd, but it was Shannon Boxx who nailed a 40-yarder into those tiny goalposts you can see above Barnie in the top photo! She totally crushed it, much to the delight of her teammates. Then Shayne kicked one that almost went over the back netting just to show off.

Mittsy hits from 30

Boxx wows the crowd from 40 yards

Kai rocks her Bengals hat and the Heisman pose

Aly Wagner chats it up with TJ Houshmandzadeh - TJ claims he could have beaten Shayne today if he wasn't wearing sandals

Thanks to all the Bengals for letting us borrow their field for a few days as they go into their bye week! Keep your eye out for some of the big guys(with their wives and daughters) at tomorrow night's game...

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Sean said...

I want to thank U.S. WNT and Especially Natasha Kia. This game was fan friendly and allowed fans on the field level. Ms. Kia was kind enough to take a picture with my daughter favorite player. This is how you fullfill dreams in many young players.
Thanks Again
Mr. Cahill