Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lloyd Hurt: Gruesome, but Not Serious

U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd suffered a laceration to her left knee today in the USA's scrimmage and will not be available for the match against Canada on Monday. The injury, which was much worse looking than it actually was, occurred when she skidded on the ground after trying to cross a ball. She suffered a deep, 2.5 inch gash almost directly on the front of her kneecap. No one could figure out if it was a cleat that opened the wound, a rock, or just friction on the ground, but suffice it to say it was pretty gross. So much so that the WNT Blog has decided against posting a picture of it. But to give you visual image, it looked as if a small shark or a barracuda had chomped on her knee. She should be able to make up some good stories with the scar after she is all healed up. "So, I was snorkeling in Bermuda, and out of nowhere, a giant squid grabbed my leg!" Carli is fine, and in good spirits, but once again amazed at the freakishness of injuries she has suffered with the WNT, which includes a broken wrist after she lost her balance hitting a shot early in her career, and a broken nose. The U.S. medical staff, which did a great job cleaning, stitching (it took 5-6 stitches to close that sucker) and dressing the wound on the field, estimates about two weeks until she can get back on the field after the cut has healed and closed up well.


Miles said...

Baww, that's unfortunate. >_< We'll miss you out there, Carli! Hope that shark bite gets better fast.

Yana said...

lolol very funny story, but sorry to burst your bubbles, there are no giant squid around bermy :P (i live there) you could say a whale knocked her onto the reef or something :S although thats pretty dramatic lol
its unfortunate to here this and i wish i had the money to fly up to tdot!!!!!!
best of luck monday but i must say, im for canada :) (im a canadian XD)
get well carli!!!

jacs said...

aww ! That really suck the only reason y I came to Canada was for carli Lloyd I'm such a big fan of her,

Well get better Lloyd. Chicago is waiting for u Lloyd LOL

eagle#18 said...

bummer!!! I would love to see a picture of it though. it can't be THAT bad, nothing can compare to dissecting a cat..

Zar000000 said...

Awww poor Carli

Lauren said...

That stinks. Have a quick recovery Carli! And i agree, I would love to see a picture of it ha