Thursday, May 28, 2009

See you in Rochester

After an excellent performance against Canada on Memorial Day, playing under the adverse conditions of a hard turf field and 10,000 hostile Canadian fans (ok, they weren't hostile. Canadians are actually really nice folks), the U.S. players have returned to their WPS clubs, where they shall stay until mid-July when the team regroups for another two matches against Canada. The first should be extra-fun as Abby Wambach (should she get called up and we think that's a pretty good bet) will be going for her 100th career goal in front of her hometown fans in Rochester, N.Y. on July 19 in front of a live television audience on ESPN. (Do you remember that Mia Hamm scored her 100th goal in Rochester in 1998? Also her 101st). Hmmm...Are the Soccer Gods trying to tell us something? There is sure to be some buzz that week in Rochester with this amazing coming together of circumstances. And we here at the WNT Blog can't wait. But we must. And so must you. We'll start up again when the team arrives in Rochester around July 15 and at that time we'll post the all_access video of the sit-down we did with Abby and Canadian Christine Sinclair, who is also on 99 goals. Until then, enjoy the WPS action.


eagle#18 said...

Noooo!!! I thought the video would be up sooner than that! haha
July can't come soon enough.
I can't wait ti watch that game, and seeing if Abby will score that 100th goal, or even if Sinclair will score. And it's on ESPN. Abby just has to score lol

Kat said...

july 19 can't come soon enough!

Impedient said...

yea great for the 4-0 win!

Zar000000 said...

I just saw Julie Foudy do a Cabot Cheese commercial on the Food Network, that was a surprise! way to go Julie! Cool Beans

Jess0591 said...

Just 13 days to go!
I'm wayyy stoked!