Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cones, Cones and More Cones

The U.S. team had an evening scrimmage against a boys’ team, playing two 30-minute halves, but the real workout came after, as the all the players ran fitness, their last really tough day before leaving for China. Those 12, 25-yard shuttles (you’ve done’em, 5 yards up, back, 10 yards up, back, 15 yards up, back, 20 yards up, back, 25 yards up, back…and then do it 11 more times with minimal rest) make us civilians want to hit the treadmill back a the hotel. (But we can’t because that chocolate chip cookie we ate at dinner is just sitting there). Still, the U.S. team gutted them out in impressive fashion with the entire team urging each other on, and the squad is looking fit and primed for the Women’s World Cup.


Courtney said...

They amaze me...I wish I was able to do half of what they do...

I just want to thank the author of this blog...I am LOVING it. Thank you and keep up the great work! :)

Impedient said...

Whoa I really admire the great stamina that you ladies have! My school's female soccer team's stamina is really far from yours and I would have to agree, the suicide run is crazy and it kills!

All the best for everything!

A fan all the way in Singapore,