Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Next Great Forward?

With three true Soccer Moms on the U.S. World Cup Team, the rest of the U.S. players (also known as the 18 nannies) love playing with the kids. After getting her uniform for a video shoot, Heather O’Reilly decided to dress up Kate Markgraf’s son Keegan in her gold game jersey. He’s just over one year old, but the kid looks like he could be a goal scorer. Heather, be careful that Keegan doesn’t spill, rub, throw, mush or spit food on that jersey. You need to wear it this weekend against Finland.


Corey said...

omg! he is such a cutie!!

mica said...

This pic is sO Cute!
He Looks Good in The Number 9 =]