Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Departure Day, Well Night

Today was all about putting the finishing touches on travel preparation to China. Nowadays in China, you can pretty much get anything an American might need abroad, but when you are traveling so far away, you feel like you haveto bring everything you might need just in case. So after morning weightlifting sessions (no on-field practice today), the players used the afternoon to pack, pick up a few items at the drugstore, stock up on snacks and steel themselves for a long, long flight. How long? We'd rather not think about it, but when you were told as a kid that if you kept digging that hole you'd "get all the way to China" pretty much says that it's on the other side of the world. The team has a late flight out of Los Angeles, so getting the whole day to prepare and have a final American meal was certainly nice.


Meeghan said...

Good Luck in China ladies!

emily said...

hey guys! good luck in china! US WNT rocks! i hope 2 be on it someday! good luck! ya'll rock! kick butt in china!

HopeSoloFan18 said...

Good Luck! Go USA! Go Hope Solo!