Friday, January 11, 2008

Favre Fan in China

One drawback for Americans about spending a few weeks of January in China is that you won't be watching the NFL playoffs live on TV. (Although, you won't be missing any Houston Rockets games, that's for sure). Two U.S. players will be following online though as Seattle resident Hope Solo roots for her Seahawks and Wisconsin native Leslie Osborne backs the Green Bay Packers. There has been no friendly wager as of yet, but it's possible before kickoff that the two players may put their money where their mouths are. Both told the WNT Blog why their teams would win.

Said Osborne:

"I'm confident that the Packers come out on top because Brett Favre comes through in big games and they don't get much bigger than this. The Packers already got the big loss out of their system a few weeks ago (35-7 to the Bears) and they are playing at home. We all know the power of Lambeau and the Packers fans."

Said Solo:

"The Seahawks are going to win because of Maurice Morris, the most underrated running back in NFL and because Holmgren knows Favre and the Packers offense very well. Also, it's Seattle's time. The city is starving for a championship."

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Victoria said...

ahahaha packers?!?!?!....hah I'm with hope on this one Seahawks are going to dominate!!!lol I think this is the most ive ever been interesed in football, and I think its cause of the US WNT...=]