Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ronaldo, Fabregas and Xavi

One of the many great things about the Algarve Cup is that it always falls at the same time as crucial rounds of Champions League games...and for a soccer fan, there's not much better than prime-time Champions League matches when you can go to a pub and watch three games live at the same time, all on big screens. Tonight was pretty much heaven: Man U vs. Lyon, Arsenal vs. AC Milan and Barcelona vs. Celtic, a virtual soccer smorgasbord of world class games and players. If you didn't see the Barcelona goal, it was as much a goal as a work of art. Three words: Ronaldino, You and Tube. And Arsenal getting not just one, but two goals at San Siro? That's about as easy as squeezing Abby Wambach into an extra small game jersey. As a matter of fact, we just saw a few of the Italian Women's National Team staff heading back out to the pub, mostly likely to mourn a bit. Anyway, a bunch of the U.S. players watched one or more games, mostly at the team hotel, but what could be better motivation for the first game of the tournament tomorrow?

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ontejo said...

Hey! Don't forget the UEFA cup going on as well. I'm posting this the day after the China match and tonight my beloved Benfica is playing Spain's Getafe (the late match is why I most likely won't make the Italy game tomorrow).