Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tobin's Orange

One of our most dedicated WNT Blog readers in Southern California has informed us why the orange that Tobin Heath worked so hard to pick in Seville, Spain, was so bitter, causing the midfielder to pucker seriously and then immediately dispose of said orange. Read on:

"The Sevilla orange, also known as bitter or sour orange, has a diverging taste that is more acidic and also slightly bitter, comparable to grapefruits."

So, it in fact wasn't a bad orange, it was just a different kind of orange. However, we are sure that it's truly a shock to the taste buds when you are expecting orange and instead get grapefruit.

Speaking of Tobin, a fantastic first WNT goal, but what was the deal with that celebration? It can be described as sort of a running, hopping chicken furiously flapping its wings in hopes of flying, but of course, chickens can't fly. Still, the huge smile and hugs from all her teammates definitely over-shadowed the flightless chicken celebration.

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