Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beep Test, Schmeep Test

The first training on Monday night at WakeMed park was short and wet. The team just needed to stretch its legs and had to vacate the pitch so the hometown USL Carolina RailHawks could have a scrimmage. Speaking of pitches...The ones at WakeMed are about as good as you'll see anywhere in the country. Bravo to the groundskeepers and the City of Cary. It did rain all during training, including some massive pounding stuff with raindrops that had to be twice normal size, but right when training ended, so did the rain. This morning, the team underwent it's traditional opening of training camp fitness test, known as the Beep Test or the YoYo, and truth be told, the entire team kicked its behind. Each position has a standard to reach (outside backs, center midfielers, forwards, etc.) and almost every player reached or surpassed it. This could mean that the team's overall fitness is getting even higher...a extremely positive trend as the WNT roars toward the Olympic Games.

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