Thursday, April 24, 2008

Momma Lil

The U.S. team has a very special visitor in Cary as WNT legend Kristine Lilly is town to hang out with the team, do an appearance and some other stuff as well. As you may know, the USA's captain of the last few years is pregnant with her first child and due in mid-July. Surely even a super-woman like Lil (340 caps, five World Cups and three Olympics) can't come back from childbirth in two weeks and play in the 2008 Summer Games right? (Wait, are we sure she can't? Ok, she can't), but she's here to lend support to her teammates and everyone was really happy to see her. She looks fantastic and is feeling great. By the way, the 11 games the WNT has played this year without her is the longest such Lil-less streak since...well...1986. (If you weren't already impressed with her historic career, think about that for a second). Kristine is planning on returning to training after the birth, use this fall to get back in shape for the impending start of the new pro league, and if given a call up in January to the WNT, perhaps play a few more games for her country in 2009. After that, we'll have to wait and see...Speaking of seeing, see if you can spot Lil above. She's the one with the belly.

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