Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day from the WNT

We all know that the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Soccer Mom" but the latest all_access video brings it to another level. While in Washington, D.C., the team took time out after a training to thank their moms for, among other things, all that time driving them to practices and tournaments and sitting in the lawn chairs on the sidelines, as well as all the love and support over the years. So, here is a special Mother's Day Tribute from the WNT.


Mary said...

As a 100% "Soccer Mom", I certainly appreciate this special Mother's Day Tribute from the WNT. The messages from all the players are so positive and encouraging for our aspiring young players. I am especially thankful to Abby's support for us to continue giving encouragement to our kids to become not just better soccer players, but better people in our society! Thank You, WNT!!

Socchop said...

Thanks for the mother's day wishes, they are a great group of ladies!!

Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...

I love this team! They are awesome!

I love when Abby inspired us to be not just better soccer players, but people! AH i love this team! they inspire me so much!


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