Sunday, May 11, 2008

Technically Difficult

We would like to apologize for the problems with MatchACCESS last night during the Canada game. Best laid plans can come unravelled and we had some major difficulty with the Internet connection for the web stream. We were going to show you the match on today, but once again, some unforeseen circumstances reared their ugly head in addition to the gremlins invading our technology. We will get some highlights of the game up on the site ASAP as there were some fantastic goals last night (in fact, all six were pretty darn good) and they do deserve to be seen. Thank you for your patience.


Greenie said...

You guys screwed up again. Suprise, suprise.

Meredith said...

Disappointment is the understatement of the year. Honestly, we do not just want highlights, we want to see the game. Is there no way to upload the game on the ussf site in parts if need be??? You have set up the fans TWICE for the build up of excitement and the scheduling of our day around watching the game to only have it not aired.

If you want more people to gain interest in the WNT team you need to start making it possible to actually WATCH the team. We know as fans you are capable of finding a way to get the COMPLETE match up on USSF's site and we are asking you for the sake of your small but dedicated fan base to do so. I think i can speak for many of us when I say that "if i did not love this team and the game of soccer so much I wouldn't waste my time and sanity putting up with massive effort it takes to try follow the team"

Cast Master said...

whoa whoa...whats with all the negativity? they do the best they can. Thanks for the updates so far and I hope you guys continue to post videos and "behind-the-scenes" looks of the players.


I agree with meredith that it is a big dissapointment, but why being so negative about it?

I'm from the Netherlands, so I can't watch the US WNT at all, only the Highlights. So I was very excited to see the live match. Stayed up till 01:00 AM (6 hours + your time) but the streaming went down half the game. But I'm not complaining!
Because I'm sure that they are doing the best they can.

You're an US WNT fan, so just be happy with the big win over Canada.