Wednesday, May 7, 2008


No, the UFT is not a new mixed martial arts league, it's the Ultimate Fan Ticket and it's pretty cool. We thought we'd bring it up in the Blog because we just got this great pic of Abby and Ultimate Fan Ashley Mimaki at the match in Cary, N.C. Ashley and her dad braved terrible weather conditions to get the Ultimate Fan Experience. What is the Ultimate Fan experience you ask? Read on...

The Ultimate Fan Ticket is a unique fan experience that provides dedicated U.S. Soccer fans with a unique game-day view of the Men's and Women's National Teams by bringing fans as close as possible to the action on and off the field.

While the exact itinerary for the UFT experience changes with each game, the package includes:
Top Level Ticket
Customized U.S. jersey
Pre-Game field access
Behind the scenes guided stadium tour
And more!
Call 312.528.1227 or e-mail for more information on what the UFT includes for upcoming U.S. National Team games.

Now, we certainly can't promise that every Ultimate Fan will get an up-close-and-personal meeting with their favorite player (Ashley is one luuuckeeee girl), or that they will get their boot as a special gift, but we can promise that it will be pretty fun to get a not-often seen look at what happens at the stadium on game day.


Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...

omg she is so lucky!!! i wish i was herrr

Ron said...

HI, this is Ashley's dad. I want to thank the coordinators of US Soccer, the WNT, and Abby! for the warm hospitality. If any parent has the opportunity to take their child to see the WNT...GO! and if you can do the UFT...even more so, DO IT. Memories for myself and Ashley to last a lifetime, what a special time. Thank you Steve. Love you Ashley! see you on the pitch.