Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WNT in the Community

Yesterday we wrote about a couple events the WNT did for Athletes for Hope in and around Washington, D.C. Today we bring you a few pics. A few players are going to read for kids on Thursday at the hospital as well.

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Yana said...

I just watched the video posted on ussoccer.com of you guys giving back to the community and it brought tears to my eyes! i have been playing and loving soccer for 12 years (im 15) and i love what you guys do! i admire you all sooooooo much its crazy lol, my friends call me psycho because i follow your games so much, as well as all football in general, especially women's. just waiting for my opportunity to meet you guys and to make it into your positions! GOOD LUCK against canada ALTHOUGH i must root on canada because im from there :P. but much respect to alllllllll of you, ill be watching your game on matchaccess (in the heat of bermuda)!!! BEST WISHES IN THE OYLMPICS!!!!
ps. if i make it like you guys tasha has inspired me to get a sleeve tat! :P(LOVE her tattoos!!!)