Saturday, July 12, 2008

Christie's Old Guards

Did you know that Christie Rampone has had the same shinguards for eight years? The WNT Blog didn't, until we found today. That has to be some kind of record, right? Said Christie: "I stick with what works. I like the way they feel." 'Nuff said. That dates these guards back to about the middle of 2000. These puppies are going on their third Olympics! We're wondering if maybe Nike can dig into the time capsule and pull out another pair for Rampone? Those things have to fall apart one day, right? Anyway, those guards have more caps than almost anyone who has ever played for the National Team. Speaking of a lot of caps, JP Dellacamera, who has done more WNT games on TV than anyone else by far (we don't want to say how long he's been around, but he did Mia Hamm's college games), and Tony DiCicco, who coached the USA for 119 games from 1995-1999, chatted with Abby Wambach after today's training to prepare for the ESPN broadcast tomorrow.

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