Saturday, July 12, 2008


Friends and family are certainly a fixture at U.S. WNT games in the States. For the Brazil match in Colorado, Lori Chalupny's little sister Casey has made it out. Lori's self-proclaimed "Number-one fan" is on a little family vacation and has been watching her big sister play since...well...since she was born. Lori is 10 years older and first held Casey at the hospital while still wearing her soccer uniform after she rushed over from a game. Casey plays for the St. Louis Soccer Club, but will attend Ursuline Academy next fall, which is the rival high school to Lori's Nerinx Hall. Yes, Casey will not be a Marker. She's also been known to make some cool signs for her sister, including "Lori Chalupny is my sister" and "We Love the Ginger Princess." We'll see what she comes up with tomorrow as she will surely be trying to get on ESPN.


STLfan said...
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STLfan said...

Love those St. Louis players, even in Kansas City. Karpe Diem Lori!!

Zar000000 said...

G i n g e r P r i n c e s s

in da house!