Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Beijing!

BEFORE in San Francisco

The U.S. team has arrived in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. The team landed at the amazing new terminal on the afternoon of July 24 at about 2:30 p.m. China time after a smooth 12-hour flight from San Francisco (the pilot maybe asked us to fasten our seat belts once due to turbulence). The team was greeted by a gaggle of volunteers, media and other folks who were bending over backwards to welcome the U.S. team to China. A+ to the USOC for organizing the departure from San Francisco and ditto to the Chinese for the arrival. The players then took a short bus ride to Beijing Normal University, where the USOC has set up its home base during the Olympics, and checked into their rooms before having THE BEST first meal in China EVER. Four stars to the USOC and the culinary American experts they have brought in because that was some good eating. Can you see sauteed veggies with penne, garlic and a red sauce? Yum. And that was just one offering. After dinner, the players had a brief meeting with the USOC staff describing the support here at BNU (it's extensive), which will serve as the HQ for athletes and staff who are not staying in the Olympic Village. The USOC has done a fantastic job setting the place up, even though the U.S. players are among the only athletes here so far (along with the boxers). After the meeting, the players went for a walk and several did some jogging or hit the weight room. The team will only be in Beijing for two and half days before heading to Qinhuangdao, the venue for the first two matches, but tomorrow and the next day will be partially filled with sightseeing. Friday will be the Forbidden City and Saturday it's a trip to the Great Wall of China. The U.S. team has been to China nine times since 1998, but never to Beijing, so the chance to see one of the greatest wonders of the world is unique even for this group of China veterans.

AFTER in Beijing


vrdn said...


drenaud said...

Looking good!

How does the WNT Blog find the air in China? There has been so much concern about pollution.

Meredith said...

please tell us where we can get the Bermuda shirts and the tank. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! And you guys look a heck of a lot better getting off that flight than I would.

Man I am so excited: I wish the Olympics were tomorrow.

Socchop said...

it is so exciting and the women look so relaxed! I know they will do great and look forward to seeing some games in Beijing. GO USA!!!

MARDELLE said...


Well your they and looking lovely I might add. The new outfit is very slick. :) Have fun and I will be watching every game.

Faith Ann said...

To agree with the wise words of Coach Pia, Be Brave team, Be Brave.

Be brave. Change. Fight. Overcome.

Best of luck in your continued training and much love from Hawaii!

Alohas, cuz :o)

pame said...


I'm sure you guys are going to do excelent.
I will be watching every game even if i have to satay up at 4:00am.

let's win the gold!!!!


kakafan8 said...

Good luck girls! I see gold in our future!

Zar000000 said...

Enjoy all the sites ladies, soon it will be time to kick some butt!

Folks in NC are very excited to see these games and we'll be thinking of Lesie, Cat (Roll Tide Tar Heel) and Abby during them,

maffy said...

hi,i'm italian and i love playng soccer.the italian national tem is not very...good...(women)so i support US WNT!!!you are the best!!!
please win the olympic for me too!!!
i'll go to germany for the next world cup,i wish...
p.s.i hope i wrote correctly!!