Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

The team flew home from Beijing on the morning of Aug. 25, arriving in the USA (after crossing the international date line) on the morning of Aug. 25. Is a 10-hour flight a lot easier after you've won a gold medal? You betcha. The plane was packed with athletes and officials from the U.S. delegation, including gold medal men's volleyball players (a great group of guys), swimmers, rowers, runners and others. The players snapped pics in the Beijing airport with fans (like Shannon Boxx above) and while the team arrived in all different cities on their domestic legs, we know they got some wonderful hometown greetings. Amy Rodriguez got balloons at the airport (see below), brought by her friends/teammates at USC. And oh yeah, it's the first day of school for A-R0d. She has a 6 p.m. class. Welcome back down from Cloud 9. And stay awake Amy! Or if you do fall asleep, just tell your professor that your gold medal was so heavy that it pulled your head down onto the desk.

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