Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks Sherry!

The U.S. team, as did all teams, had a Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games liaison with them the entire tournament to serve as well -- a liaison -- between all the hundreds of local organizers involved in staging and games. The USA's liaison was Sherry, shown above with U.S. asst. coach Helena Andersson and Pia Sundhage. Sherry is a student at Beijing Normal University and is from a small city in Western/Central China. Her English was excellent and got better throughout the tournament as the team taught her more words and western phrases. We just want to send a special thanks to Sherry as the amount of work she put in during the entire month the U.S. team was in China was amazing. Translating Chinese to English and vice-versa with the different cultures was an arduous task, but she handled it with aplomb, patience and grace. And of course, it's not easy dealing with us crazy Americans, but Sherry did a fantastic job and played a big part in the team's success! So, thanks to Sherry as well as the thousands of volunteers, all of whom always had a smile for you and were seemingly falling over themselves to help you out. Well done China, well done!

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Gregory Smith said...

Memo to US Soccer: extend Pia's and Helena's contracts. Now!