Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as the WNT. The team went all out in celebration of the holiday and of Riley Rampone's third birthday. We can't properly put the party - which included bobbing for apples and an eyeball pinata - into words, so pictures will have to do...

Dalmy fulfills her childhood dream of being on the Wheaties Box..

Boxxy = Foxxy

Tash Kai's interpretation of a referee..

Can you guess who's behind the masks??

There were two doctors in the group - Tina Ellertson and Kacey White. Since Tina was holding her little cow (new baby Mya), Kacey needed to hold the bigger cow, HAO, to balance out the photo


Kylie said...

It seems I got used to the daily updates from the Olympics during those few weeks...but FINALLY!
Funny pictures, gave me a couple laughs=]
Thanks for the update!

Mara said...

Welcome back Tina!!!! Lookin good!

Charlie said...

all y'all look good, go ahead girls