Friday, October 31, 2008

Together Again...

We're back! The Women's National Team arrived in Richmond throughout Thursday evening and held their first training session on an absolutely beautiful morning at the University of Richmond Stadium. As you can see, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Tina Ellertson

Today marked the return to the team for defenders Marian Dalmy (torn ACL) and Tina Ellertson (second child). Both hit the pitch today for a relatively light practice. Dalmy arrived yesterday evening with maybe the most unbelievable travel story we've ever heard - okay, not maybe, definitely the craziest.

Her connection through Atlanta was supposed to be smooth, she wasn't even have to deplane as the flight to Richmond was just a continuation. That changed however, when they landed in Atlanta and a baggage worker noticed that a cage that was supposed to contain two CHEETAHS was open and the cheetahs were nowhere to be found. Cheetahs. Like, the big cats. Anyway, zoo employees were called in to tranquilize the animals and incredibly, no damage was done to any of the other bags or any people. Don't believe us? Read for yourself...

Marian Dalmy

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MARDELLE said...

Excellent I have been waiting for the games to begin again..!! :) Now I can stop watching Futbal on Tele Mundo.. :)Good to see the ladies again.