Saturday, December 13, 2008

China, Again

If you've been following the U.S. WNT for a while now and you think that the team seems to have played a lot of matches against China, you'd be correct. Only Norway and Canada have played the USA more times than China, which will play its 13th and 14th all-time matches inside the United States on this final leg of the Achieve Your Gold Tour. The USA has played 12 matches against China in China and the rest have been at neutral sites like the Algarve Cup or other tournaments around the world. China has dropped from its world power status of the late 1990s, but still always outs out a talented side. The USA has won six straight games against China and eight of the last nine matches with one draw. The last time the USA lost to an Asian team was in January of 2003, a 2-0 loss to China at the Four Nations Tournament.


Changy 12 said...

omg. i'm going to this game tonight and i am SOO excited!

Kanoe said...

Congratulations on a fantastic game against China. My daughter and I had a blast cheering for you.

I also want to thank the team for being so great to their fans. I was stunned when, after the game, the players came into the stands--armed with Sharpies no less!--to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.
They patiently made their way down the long line of fans, smiling at each person and thanking them for coming out to support the team. My daughter had been nervous about asking for an autograph, but after Lori Chalupny came over, smiled at her and signed our program, she warmed up and got into it.
She collected more than a dozen autographs and yapped about them all the way home.

So thanks again--as a fan and parent, I appreciate your kindness. You're a class act. Rock on Team USA!