Friday, December 12, 2008


In perusing the records from this historic year for the WNT, we found one especially amazing stat. It seems that U.S. captain Christie Rampone has already played more minutes in 2008 than any single player has ever played in a calendar year for the WNT. She has played 2,886 minutes so far while the team has played 3,150, meaning Rampone has been on the field for 91% of the USA's game-action this year. And that's even with having her gall bladder taken out last May! Her play in the 2008 Olympics was certainly inspirational and vital in the USA's run to the gold medal, especially in shutting out powerful Brazil in the championship game. If she plays all 180 minutes of the final two matches of the year against China, she will become the first player ever to play more than 3,000 minutes for the USA in a calendar year.


Kylie said...

WOW...that's awesome!!
I hope Pia plays her for the next 2 games-or at least long enough for her to get over 3,000 minutes; she deserves to go into the record books for as much as possible and this is a something she definitely deserves to get!

Abby said...

Don't even think about taking her out. She is amazing and one of the many players i like to watch on your team. I have to warn you though Christie you better watch out. I am a defender and my dream is to play on the WNT.

Zar000000 said...

Rampone Rocks!