Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, Crepes

It took less than two days for the first trip to the "crepe place" for the U.S., which gorged itself on the famous crepes and ice cream that are a staple of the USA's annual pilgramage to the Algarve Cup. The Italian restaurant and ice cream palor is a short walk from the team hotel, and no doubt gets a spike in business when the U.S. team comes to town. Midfielder Tina DiMartino, who had heard all about the desserts, got her fill (below) while Kacey White and Heather O'Reilly shared the classic and most popular crepe, with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, strawberries and bananas, real whipped cream, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. Fortunately, these women burn thousands of calories in a day.

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ebendz said...

crepes = awesome