Saturday, January 5, 2008

Perfect Training Weather

A major storm hit southern California last night, dumping multiple inches of rain on the Los Angeles area, and putting the USA’s morning training in jeopardy. But when the players awoke, while the skies were still overcast, the rain and stopped, and in fact, the weather for the both of the USA’s training today was perfect. It was a little chilly, but not too to cold, the perfect temperature for hard running. Kudos also to The Home Depot Center grounds crew. The fields were in great condition, soft, but not too soft, a little slick so the ball could get pinged around, but not too slippery. The team worked on some one-v-one play and had some small-side games on big goals in the morning and did some technical work in the evening. In the morning, a rarity occurred as the Women’s National Team and Bob Bradley’s Men’s National trained on adjacent fields, with a gaggle of coaches involved in the U.S. Soccer “A” License audit coaching course at The HDC watching from in between the fields, giving them a virtual smorgasbord of National Team soccer.

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