Saturday, January 5, 2008

Training Routine

We have to be honest. On days when the U.S. team has two trainings, nothing to exciting goes on at all, making the WNT blog a bit boring. This is basically the schedule on double-days:

Wake Up7:15 am
Breakfast7:30 am
Gear up, taping, treatment8-9 am
Drive to training9:30 am
Training10 am
Drive back from trainingNoon
Showers12:30 pm
Lunch1 pm
Massages and treatment1-3:30 pm
Nap, read, TV, meetings1-3:30 pm
Gear up, taping3:30 pm
Leave for training4:00 pm
Training4:30 pm
Drive back from training6:00 pm
Showers6:30 pm
Dinner7:00 pm
Meeting7:30 pm
Massages and treatment8-10 pm
Bed time10:01 pm

Thus the myth that life on the road with the Women’s National Team is all glitz and glamour is now officially dispelled. But hey, no one’s complaining. As former U.S. Men’s National Team head coach and soccer philosopher Bora Miluntinovich once said of the international soccer players’ lifestyle, “such is the life…but it’s a good life.”


Soccer083 said...

I wouldn't mind a massage after every training session! It really is the life! I might have to bring this up to coach, might make us play better!

sewanee_angel said...

But very interesting things (at least to fans) happen in training! How about a description of the types of drills Pia is running the team through or her tactical discussions? I'm not asking you to give up super secret strategy for the 4 Nations but surely you could tell us something about practice formats. Pretty Please!

Meredith said...

Or how about some pictures or video? The men have photos up from the last THREE DAYS of practice, and the women have nada. Don’t make me go feminist. I mean it; I cannot afford to burn my bra thanks to high gas prices and jacked up tuition LOL