Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pink Wozzy

U.S. midfielder Angie “Wozzy” Woznuk finally got her wish this week. You see, since camp began, she has been pining for some Pinkberry. She’s been sort of a Pinkberry parrot, asking for Pinkberry every night. You know Pinkberry, that new extremely healthy frozen yogurt place that has just two flavors, vanilla and green tea, which at first glance, seems ridiculous. Don’t you at least need a chocolate? Or some sort of mocha peanut butter? But truth be told, throw on some fruit toppings and it is in fact a bowl of “swirly goodness.” So tonight after dinner, Woznuk went and got her “usual”…vanilla with chocolate chips and blueberries. Forward Amy Rodriguez went along and got just a bit daring, going for the green tea with some mango and strawberries. A bit lighter snack than In-N-Out for sure.

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Christelle said...

I gotta interject and help keep the health facts in check. Pinkberry isn't real frozen yogurt! It's made from powder. But a "Red Mango" just opened up in westwood. That's the place that started the whole trend in Japan, but the last to come stateside. Anyway, they're the only chain that serves the actual healthy stuff! With all the live active enzymes. It's better and it's cheaper. Trust me!