Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dane-Ja Vue

The USA will face Denmark in the Algarve Cup championship for the second straight year, at the same stadium in which last year's final was played, and the U.S. team is hoping for a similar result...a victory. The final game is at a great sports complex on the edge of the Portuguese border with Spain, so the U.S. team will have at least an hour drive to get there. The players will definitely be bringing their iPods, books and magazines as one soon tires of the wonderfully scenic, yet repetitive Portuguese countryside during the drive. It should be an excellent final, matching a stingy Danish defense (zero goals allowed in the tournament) against the high-scoring U.S. attack (10 goals scored), but don't forget the USA has yet to allow a goal as well. We apologize if MatchTracker has crashed out on your while following the matches, but once again if you've been following the WNT Blog, these are technical issues that are out of our control and we hope they will soon be resolved.

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Impedient said...

is just going to be so exciting to watch a team who scored so many goals up against a team who disallowed zero goals! (well, we disallowed 0 goals as well!) It's about 5 minutes before the match now and I'm confident that we can win this competition, top with wins all the way from the start.