Monday, March 10, 2008

A-Rod's Wacky Goal

Now that was a wild second half against Norway. Yeah, the U.S. scored two really strange goals that could easily make it onto a Soccer Bloopers reel, but also pounded home two absolutely gorgeous ones. And give huge props to Natasha Kai for making a play that most wouldn't even think about trying to pull off. Most importantly, the U.S. rallied from a choppy first half to play some great soccer in the second half, creating the pressure that led to all four goals. We found out later tonight that Amy Rodriguez didn't even see her 90th minute shot go into the net. It went something like this: After she shot it, she thought the goalkeeper would just pick it up, so she turned back up the field, mad at herself for not getting a good strike on the ball. She then turned back to see it in the net and a super-surprised look came over her face. She looked at Abby Wambach, who was running to her to celebrate, and said (we are paraphrasing here), "Worst goal ever." To which Wambach replied (we are also paraphrasing here), "It doesn't matter how you score'em, only that you score more than the other team." 'Nuff said.

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Impedient said...

Great for the win! I'm confident of the team winning the title for this tournament, 2nd trophy under Pia! Great great going for a great new year since the 4 Nations Tournament earlier this year!