Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Final Off Day in the Algarve

Slow news day here at the Algarve Cup. It was basically a day off for the U.S. team, and they've earned it after winning three games and scoring 10 goals to earn a place in the championship against Denmark tomorrow. About eight or nine players did go to the field for a "players practice," which meant no coaches, just an hour of doing whatever the heck they wanted to do. Some players did some running, hit some long balls, a bit of technical work and some shooting. Some players took a dip in the cold hotel swimming pool to sooth their tired legs and a few just flat out did nuthin'. The weather was once against spectacular and it was a good day to lounge around. There is an eatery called the American Diner close to the hotel and a bunch of players went to lunch there. We HIGHLY recommend the banana, strawberry and/or chocolate chip pancakes. The other day Lori Chalupny was at the American Diner and she just couldn't decide whether to get chocolate chip or banana pancakes. She was with Nicole Barnhart, who upon seeing Chalupa wracked with indecision, said: "Go for the chocolate chip banana pancakes. Do a combo." Chalulpa did. That's why Barnhart got into Stanford. Excellent problem solver.

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