Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taco Night at the Buehler's

Two happy forwards gorge themselves on tasty Mexican food.

On Monday night, the entire U.S. team took a trip north to Del Mar for dinner at Rachel Buehler's house. Rachel is of course from San Diego, altough she attended Stanford, and her family welcomed the team into their home. Special thanks to the proud parents of the first-time Olympian, Mary Ellen and Donald Buehler (a heart surgeon) for hosting the team at their beautiful house. The players scarfed down piles of home made tacos (a local taqueria was cooking up the tortillas, beef, chicken and carnitas right there) and some absolutely fantastic desserts (home made pound cake and cheese cake = yummmmmm) as sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Hey, California livin' is good livin'. Anytime the team can get out for dinner it's a fun night, but they don't often get a back yard picnic and suffice it to say that we had to roll a few players out of there after they ate so much.

Rachel and her younger sister Anna, who like her big sis, will attend Stanford this fall. How about the most patriotic pound cake EVER?

Rachel and her Aunt Mardelle, a devoted reader of the WNT Blog.

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MARDELLE said...


Thanks Blogman !! It was a fun night. I was awe struck a bit seeing all the girls. :)