Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Stay Classy, San Diego!

The U.S. team got a great welcome at the San Diego Airport when they arrived in town on Monday morning. Thanks to all the girls from the San Diego Surf club (and thanks to the Soccer Moms who brought them) for coming out to greet the team. No matter how many flights you take and how many airports you walk through, it's always nice to be greated by smiling and excited faces. Hopefully, everyone got their stuff signed, got to meet former San Diego Surf player Rachel Buehler and we'll surely see most of the same faces at Torero Stadium on Wednesday night.

A-Rod signs some t-shirts. Not long ago, A-Rod was getting her t-shirt signed by WNT players.

Hometown hero Rachel Buehler chats with Jim Stone of the local NBC affiliate.

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