Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tarp 100!

The starting lineups are in and Lindsay Tarpley is in it. That means that the 23-year-old midfielder will earn her 100th cap today as the USA takes on Brazil. Making it even more special is the fact that Tarpley will earn her 100th cap in the same venue in which she earned her first, debuting at Torero Stadium on Jan. 12, 2003, against Japan. A 23-year-old earning her 100th cap? Well, the U.S. plays a lot of matches and over the past six years Tarpley has played in almost all of them. As is the tradition on the U.S. team, Tarpley will captain the squad today. Tarpley has plenty of experience wearing captain's band, having captained the U.S. U-19s to the World Championship in 2002. Above is Lindsay with her BFF Heather O'Reilly who has 93 caps and will soon follow Tarp into the 100-cap club. Here are today's U.S. starters:

USA: 1-Hope Solo; 17-Lori Chalupny, 3-Christie Rampone – Capt, 15-Kate Markgraf, 2-Heather Mitts; 7-Shannon Boxx, 9-Heather O’Reilly, 5-Lindsay Tarpley, 11-Carli Lloyd; 8-Amy Rodriguez, 12-Abby Wambach.


Mike said...

I love watching this team so much. I still can't believe sometimes how great they play. They are just amazing. These games should be shown all over. I'll be watching tonight. Another win for USA!

Kylie said...

Congrats to Tarp!!
Happy Birthday to Carli!
And Abby needs to score to get her hundredth!

I think there are even more reasons to win tonight than usual =]
Let's go USA!

sharky gomez said...

I think Abby just broke her leg...

Kylie said...

Congrats on the win, however bittersweet it is...hoping Abby's better than the original prognosis-what is with all the injuries this year..?

Focusing on some of the positives that really stood out to me:

GREAT game from Mitts, probably the best game I've seen from her, ever! She played smart, gave everything she had and was able to stop several Brazilian advances.

Kai, how can anyone not love her? SHE IS AMAZING! Brings the right attitude to the game and that definitely affects the entire flow of the game.

Lloyd-certainly picked the team up and had AMAZING opportunities and perfectly places crosses!

A-Rod...Wow, talk about speed and persistance. She is the ONLY one that can manage to win some of the balls she does..amazing!

Pia definitely has earned my trust, she knows what she's doing and I love how much she has expanded the abilities of the team with her focus on passing, runs and finesse.
I feel has the complete trust and respect from the team, and that is definitely something that is needed going into the Olympics.

Good Luck in the Olympics, USA; Everyone is rooting for you!

Faith Ann said...

Want to say congrats Team for that amazing win against Brazil in San Diego! I was watching from my home state of Hawaii and must say I was off my couch cheering for most of the time. Team and coaching staff-- you all did awesome!

I am sad to hear that Abby is not going to be in the Olympics but I have faith that this team has what it takes to bring home the gold. What an amazing test of not only the team but of Abby as well. Stay strong, Champs. You are loved and supported by girls (and other types of fans) all over the US (including the humble state of Hawaii).

Good luck in your continued preparation for the Olympics!

zoetd said...

Abby Wambach is out with a serious injury. Who is likely to replace her?

Hard to see the new player being a starter. Will Heather O'Reilly move up top and someone from the bench starts at midfield?

I like the new ball-control style. But in the first game there were a suspicious number of passes sent to the invisible teammate over the touch line...

Impedient said...

The match was indeed a great match to watch and like the other fans say, Kai showed that she's not going to treat the brazilians well when she entered the field, when she gave those rough brazilians a push.

Lloyd played well with Lori on the right and I love watching the good passes and possession that the team had during the match. Lori could have a shot at goal, just wide!

Hope Abby will have a good recovery and I still have confidence that the team will deliver in the Olympics.

All the way USA and great win against the Brazilians again!

jdthomps55 said...

i bet lauren cheney will move on up!!! she is one of the best forwards that didnt make it!! she might not get the starting position, but she will be a GREAT benefit to the team!!! HERE WE COME CHINA watch out!!!! GO USA!!!!!

Justin said...

It is horrible to see such a great star get injured so close to the Olympics; however, I know in my heart that this team will carry on just as they have fought through the other obstacles that have been put in their way in the last year.

Although Abby is an integral part of this team, there are some other talented players who simply haven't had the needed motivation to perform. Now, more than ever, that motivation is there. They know how much this team means to Abby, and they know how important the success of the team is to her, and I know that each member of this team is going to arrive in Beijing prepared to give it her all, if not for a gold medal, for Abby.

As far as the starting lineup...I think this is going to be a very interesting situation. Personally, I would like to see Pia move HAO up top with TK...and add Hucles to the midfield. But, no matter what Pia decides to do, I know that this team will do the best they can to secure the gold.

northern-star said...

Best wishes from Germany. I was looking forward to see Abby playing at the Olympics and scoring her 100th goal. Such a shame she won't be there, but I'm sure the US team will do great and I'm still hoping for a final between Germany and the US team.

I hope the Brazilian players didn't cheer like when Boxx got a red card during the World Cup last year or even injured Abby on purpose. Otherwise I truly hope Germany will kick the "schei├če" out of them in the opening match.

And last but not least; thank you Tasha for scoring that goal!

Cheers you guys!

drenaud said...

I don't think Pia is going to change her game plan by movin HAO to the top. There is a reason Heather is in her current position and the current strategy has yielded 21 victories. The team carries 3 forwards and the fact that Cheney replaces Abby means that every one stays put, positionwise.

The key to the Abbyless WNT is Angela Hucles, imho. Recall that when Abby went down, Pia sent in Hucles, as she provides veteran leadership. Also recall that Hucles won the Golden Ball award as the MVP of the Peace Queen Cup and scored the winning goal in the final against Canada.

So I expect to see A-Rod and TK up top with a big dose of Hucles in the midfield. And Cheney will get significant playing time.

A prediction... Mitts is gonna score in the Olympics or, short of that, is gonna get an assist (after a run and a high cross to the back post). And HAO is gonna have a great tournament!

Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...

Im so proud of Tarp!! She did great in the game!! GO TARP!!!

superfan said...

WNT Blog, can you please give us updates regarding Abby and her medical status? We are all worry but at the same time praying and knowing that if ANYONE can rise from this injury is ABBY WAMBACH!

Please keep us updated as more information develops.

Angie said...

My first thought on reading that Abby broke her leg was "You have got to be kidding me!" There have been quite a few serious injuries to Olympics-bound players. The road to Olympic gold just became a little more difficult with the loss of Abby, but I'm thankful that this year's team has seen a wider variety of players score goals (unlike in 2007 where Abby was really the only target player). Plus, a couple of the midfielders have had WNT experience up top, so there's quite a few players who could step in and play that position, in addition to alternate Cheney joining the 18. This team has certainly displayed evidence of a winner's mentality in a number of games, so I'm cheering them on to reach the top medal platform in Beijing.

Ruth said...

Abby! We love you!!! My soccer girls were so shocked to see you break your leg, but they are cheering for your recovery. We'll be watching every match the Olympic team plays, but it sure won't be the same without you. You are a a warrior on the field and a great example to players everywhere. Go Abby and Go USA!!! xoxo Koby Girls

Ruth said...

We love Abby!

Our family is heartbroken about your leg. The Olympics won't be the same without you. We'll be watching every match and cheering for the girls. You are a warrior and a great example to all soccer players. From our daughters...We love you Abby! Go USA! xoxo, The Koby Girls

Morgan said...

Get Well Soon, Abby! This team needs you soooo much!

MARDELLE said...

I was at the game Wednesday night and saw Abby go down. I have been sad ever since. :( She is a great player and I will miss watching her in the Olympics.
Having said that I must tell you the rest of the team is perfectly capable of winning GOLD this Olympics and that would be fitting tribute to Abby.
Abby's surgery went well and she may have been discharged today Friday 7-18-08. I wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her return to the field. USA, USA, USA.
What a talented bunch of Ladie on the team. I was so thrilled to meet them on Monday at Rachel Buehler's Taco Party, as I'm Rachel's Aunt. :)
Let Get the Gold USA..!!

Usa2007 said...

It is horrible to see such a great star get injured so close to the Olympics; however, I know in my heart that this team will carry on just as they have fought through the other obstacles that have been put in their way in the last year. I have never seen more composure under extreme physical and emotional stress. That is some tough and classy lady! Get well SOON ABBY. Stay Positive !!

sevrik said...

Abby-We all love you and wish you a speedy recovery here from Syracuse,NY. If anyone can come back from an injury like this it will be you. Can someone let us know where we can send get well cards? Keep your head up and know we are all cheering you on.

Best of luck to rest of the team in China!

Kirsten said...

whens the next game? i wanna watch it. ): COME ON ABBY LETS GO LETS GO!

Kirsten said...

whens the next game???

Impedient said...

Hope Abby gets well in the mean time and GO USA!

Kanoe said...

Abby, my heart broke when I heard the news. My kids and I are praying for your speedy recovery. Much aloha to you!

Kanoe said...

Congrats on the win over Brazil--what a game! I can't wait to watch you guys tear it up in Beijing ;-)

A quick shout out to Tasha Kai:

You was unreal, girl--took some crazy hits but kept fightin'. What a sweet goal. Much aloha to you, Tash--proud of you! *shakas*

Abu said...

some people didn't think that usa could win the gold medal after abby was out, but they won anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahahahahahahaha