Monday, September 3, 2007

Bingo Night!

Did we mention that there is a lot of downtime to kill in China? To pass some of that time, general manger Cheryl Bailey and assistant coach Billy McNicol organized a game of bingo…with big stakes on the line. The total pot for three rounds contributed by the players? $80. The creative bingo cards featured spaces filled in with the players hotel aliases, their first names, their jersey numbers, the teams in the Women’s World Cup and the players’ hometowns. McNicol was stellar in his role as Bingo master, calling out the numbers, although some players asked for translation on several calls due to his thick Scottish accent. Nicole Barnhart won the first Bingo, followed by Marci Jobson. Each collected $20. Then Hope Solo cashed in the biggest prize of the night, winning the third Bingo and the $40 cash money that went along with it. Jobson actually didn’t win the entire $20. Sitting next to Marian Dalmy, she noticed that the young defender almost had several Bingos, and decided to form an alliance, shaking on a deal that if either won, they would split the prize. Two calls later, Jobson had Bingo, and was forced to fork over $10 to Dalmy.

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MiamiGirl said...

I do not know if any of you know or, or are already playing it but a fantastic card game is Euchre.
If you don't, here is a good link to the rules- . Its basically 4 players 2x2 and it consists of only k,q,j, 10 and the 9 (you can use the 2 5's to keep score-rounds of ten). It is a great game, especially for competitive people(so it should suit you all well). I cannot tell you the number of hours i burned up playing this game in the peace corps. its a great time killer.