Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Roommates for Marci

Luckily Marci Jobson is one of the most easy-going, fun-loving players on the Women’s World Cup Team, because the pranks that were pulled on her this week didn’t faze her. Culprits that will go unnamed put the giant, yellow plastic free-kick wall men in her bed one day and covered them in blankets. The day before, they put about 50 empty water bottles under her sheets and in her pillow case. (At least the players are staying hydrated). If Marci is plotting her revenge, she’s not saying, but for those guilty, and you know who you are, it would be wise to check under the covers before plopping down after a hard training.

1 comment:

Impedient said...

Oh no that has got to be really bad for Marci! Poorthing!