Sunday, September 2, 2007

I’ll Have the Noodles

Shanghai is dotted with street vendors selling food, some recognizable, some not. In all honestly, some of it looks pretty tasty, although only the bravest soul would sample it. That brings us to the team hotel. Did we mention how awesome this place is? It’s beautifully decorated and modern, and the chefs are very talented. The staff has gone out of its way to meet every need of the U.S. team and it’s by far the best food the team has had on its many trips to China. Other highlights of the hotel: slow moving escalators which speed up when you step on the first step, a glimmering staircase in the main atrium that lights up in different colors after 5 p.m. and super fast elevators. It takes just 12 seconds to get from the 10th floor to the lobby.

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WUSAFan said...

Quite a contrast. I remember seeing someones hand-held film of the first Women's world-cup where the young-looking Michele Akers tried to eat a duck's-head.