Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Algarve region of Portugal, despite its massive development for tourism over the past decade, is still…how shall we say…a bit rural. Today at training there were two policemen riding massive white horses and then at the end of practice a huge herd of sheep galloped by (do sheep gallop?), guided by a sheep herder and four dogs, one a classic white sheep dog, an Australian sheep dog, and black mutt and her puppy (who was obviously learning the herding trade). Hopefully these grazers don’t escape onto the soccer fields or the USA’s training pitch won’t be so nice.

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Impedient said...

What a great relieve that all 3 Boxxy, Angie and HAO got their missing bags! It would be definitely utmost unfortunate to have to lose a personal bag on a trip with those stuff in there!

Can't wait for the Algarve Cup to begin now!